The end of France’s “African policy” – or is it?

During a visit to Burkina Faso, French president Emmanuel Macron presented his vision of a new era in French-African relations - one that leaves imperialistic, neo-colonialist attitudes in the past and invests in the hope and potential that the African youth embody. But the president’s speech showed how difficult it is for former colonial powers to shed their paternalistic tone, despite his attempt to identify with the young African population for whom a colonised Africa is a thing of the past.


The Rocky Road of Gibraltarian Diplomacy

After a number of postponements, the King of Spain’s state visit to the UK finally gets underway on 12 July 2017. Felipe VI is widely expected to raise the delicate matter of Gibraltar. If the history of the small British peninsula is any good indication of its future, it may become a bone of contention … Continue reading The Rocky Road of Gibraltarian Diplomacy