From Impossible to Impractical: The Post-Brexit Custom Arrangements

The UK government’s plan for the future customs arrangements and transition period show how little the Trade department knows about trade. Time for the Brexiteers to prepare for a hard border.


“Generation Putin”: Young Russians born under Putin are taking to the streets – can they change the political system?

A new protest movement in opposition to the Russian government is gaining momentum. Many media outlets have drawn attention to the participation of Russian youth, particularly teenagers, in recent demonstrations. But how significant are they for contemporary Russian politics?

It is the content, stupid!

Populist parties, typically on the far-right fringe of the political spectrum, are on the rise in Western democracies, and many liberals cannot believe their eyes. The media publish scandalous news stories about populist claims and policies, liberal protesters take to the streets, and traditional party politicians refuse to cooperate with the growing anti-liberal forces. But … Continue reading It is the content, stupid!